Warranty and instructions

In case of technical failure of device purchased from us please contact us through following contact details: phone: +386 590 77 000 fax: Telefax service has been discontinued email:

Mandatory information in the report are:

  • Serial Number of the device
  • Problem description

Before reporting warranty claim please check following paragraph:

DSC d.o.o. warrants that the product will perfectly perform within warranty period if the customer will regard the enclosed manual instructions. DSC d.o.o. does not give guaranty, that the product will work in the users’ environment in accordance with all functionalities, which are stated in manual instructions and other producers’ documents.

DSC d.o.o. obligates itself that he will take care of failiure removal and technical shortage caused at normal use upon customers’ demand within warranty period on his costs. Warranty does not include failures occurred because of:

  1. elementary misfortune (fire, flood, earth quake, lightning, war or influences, which could be attributed to higher force)
  2. any physical working on equipment, in which are counted also breakage of equipment, mechanical damage and influence of electricity
  3. incorrect connection to the power supply, deviations from prescribed electrical magnitudes and static electricity influences in power supply
  4. repair, transfer or any other intervention by unauthorized person
  5. incorrect, unprofessional or unintentional use by unauthorized or other person
  6. inconsideration of enclosed manual instructions
  7. the customer did not provide suitable conditions for working of equipment, like for example unsuitable power supply and protection, unsuitable micro clime conditions, giving up the protection, which is prescribed by the producer and technical standards
  8. the customer did not act like good owner
  9. changing of hardware configuration, which includes also the removal or installation of possible supplement
  10. damage or removal of warranty or other signs and labels.

Warranty period starts with the date, written on warranty card or the date defined in contract of equipment delivery.